Little Known Facts About Massage Therapy

Studies show:

  • Massage therapy is the most often prescribed treatment for musculoskeletal ailments and is especially useful in managing discomfort and pain.
  • Over 9o percent of massage therapy patients questioned, said that massage therapy improved their symptoms.
  • Almost 90 percent of back pain sufferers who received a massage therapy session said that they felt dramatically better afterwards.
  • Premature infants who had received daily massage sessions gained over 45 percent more weight and leave the hospital an average of six days sooner, compared to premature infants who didn’t receive a massage session.
  • Cancer patients who have received massage therapy treatments experience less swelling, less pain & improved mobility.
  • Massage therapy significantly reduces stiffness & pain in fibromyalgia patients.
  • People who receive treatments for tension headaches experience significant long-term improvements.
  • The oxygen capacity of the blood can increase up to 15% after a massage therapy session.

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